Photoshoot Spaces

Amsterdam North | The Wooden White House at the Sweet Sea


The Space


In a tiny little enclave surrounded by water 8 km away from buzzing Amsterdam we designed a simple large wooden white house. The house has an extraordinary location standing on the border of a big lake what used to be a sea. A large wooden pier stretched out invites you to take a dive in this sweet sea.


It’s a photo-shoot location often used for a lot of brands like the Bijenkorf, Ahold, Intratuin and many more resulting in beautiful images. Famous people are portretted here in this specific surrounding with the wonderful light and amazing view. The building appears in magazines because of the creative feeling and the unique spot.


The house is surrounded by verandas, green patios and a big balcony with a view over the water until the horizon where the sun and the moon supply the pallet for an amazing painting.

Amsterdam North | The church in the North


The Space


In the upcoming area in the North of Amsterdam we are busy with the design of a church. The simple classic church is based on the architecture of a basilica. The high wooden beamed roof covering an enormous space. The simple architecture makes it looks more a barn then a church.


In the middle of the church is a great open square, which is ideal for photo-shoots. The ceiling with its 10 m height and the wooden beams are perfect for the atmosphere. The raw walls from bricks could be your cool background.


The square in front of the church and the garden around the church will be developed as a green lush park. A flourishing green area will arise where fruit trees are growing and grocery is blooming.