The Church in the North

Amsterdam North | The Church in the North


The Space


In the upcoming area in the North of Amsterdam we are busy with the design of a church what will become a centrum for social design.


The simple classic church is based on the architecture of a basilica. In the early days here a farmer barn was used as a secret church. In the fifties a real church but based on the barn principles arises. A big square stretched out in front of the church.


The high wooden beamed roof covering an enormous space. The simple architecture makes it looks more a barn then a church. The specific tower with the bell and the roman shape of the architraves reminds you of the history of the space.

In the middle of the church is a great open square, which is perfect for photo-shoots. The ceiling with its 10 m height and the wooden beams are perfect for the atmosphere. The raw walls from bricks could be your cool background.


The square in front of the church and the garden around the church will be developed as a green lush park. A flourishing green area will arise where fruit trees are growing and grocery is blooming. A play-garden with volleyball net, a ping-pong table, gardens and a small natural pool makes it a perfect outside spot in the city.

In and around the church we create a SOSial Space fully filled with social design. Here brands, businesses designers and artists are gathered to create a spot where people experience the world needs a system. That creates UP-grading.


The restaurant with terraces is done by people with a disability. They use pure honest food made from products they raise in park garden around the church. Together with the users we design food products that fits there capabilities.


People in the neighbourhood are very welcome to cooperate to explore the gardens and the church and to use the spaces. In the big central square events are organized together with the people living around the church and also for them.

The location


The logistic location of the church is very good as the round way from Amsterdam is around the corner. The wonderful tour over the river Het IJ with the ferry from the Central Station arrives 1 kilometre away.


The church in the north is positioned in an area that’s evolving as a comet. That’s funny as the official address is the comet street. The church is draped against a stretched dijk typical for this part of Amsterdam. Those dijks protect the area against the water which is still actual. The old Oostzanerdijk connects Amsterdam with the upcoming area of Zaandam where we are operating to.


The Oostzanerdijk is part of the long dijk running through the whole north of Amsterdam. Along this dijk we are working with other parties to raise initiatives to make this stretched dijk more meaningful.


The church is nearby the famous NDSM terrain. Here a creative wind is blowing with some raw exponents. A few cool restaurants, like Noorderlicht in a hangar and Pllek in some old sea containers colours the area. Once a month there is an enormous flea market. More and more media businesses establish them here next to the river Het IJ beside the creative bussinesses that where the early adopters years ago.