This side is build with building blocks creating spaces and a grid. Our environment has the same lay out. And within this grid in these blocks people move and behave. The better those elements are designed the more flourishing is the society. That’s been we work on every day. Creating SOSial Spaces where people move and live enjoying their habitat.


To establish this we start thinking about this environment. Its there to support human living in balance with nature surrounding them. Therefor we use scientific research about this subject and implement this in our projects.

That’s why within all our projects we think about the aspects the users of this spaces wish. People want to live safe and comfortable within a natural surrounding. To design an optimal living environment sustainability is a key factor. We design from scratch thinking about sustainability. It’s in the genes of all our projects. We think about social sustainability and about ecological sustainability.


Concerning the ecological sustainability we optimise our projects for this goal. The materials used are natural and recyclable or recycled already. We design our own products fair made form natural ingredients. We source natural fair and eco products every day. We are happy to consider that more and more products are available. Its part of the movement we cheer.

These projects are all about living, as we want to create spaces live people live happily.


By doing this projects we design and develop SOSial Spaces. Those spaces are designed aiming creating Upgrading in the world. The materials and products used, according our principals, are eco, fair, sustainable and pure.


We believe making a better world is creating a sustainable space for as much people as possible. Here and there.