We design interiors and houses for 30 years and and every moment of the day, and night J, our projects fills us with pleasure and excitment! For all the projects we did, from designing ceramics in India to designing an old furniture factory at a canal in the centre of Amsterdam, we expire we want to make people happy with it. Thats what make it social design.


We are part on a movement that works on a new economy. An economy based on reciprocity, whats our credo! When there is reciprocity between people there is upgrading for every actor. And reciprocity between human and nature creates balans where we give back what we take.

Our vision on design in living environment gets attention in papers, magazins and also on television. The Telegraaf, the Volkskrant, Trouw and more media pays attention to the fact we work in this way. Also our design appears often in the media. The homeproducts are published in many magazines and used for commercial projects. Interiorprojects can be found in magzines like Vogue and Elle. They are used for stylish fotoshoots for famous brands, magazins and people.


The broad attention and publicity is a determination our concept for relating stylish design with social welfare is succesfull. And be spreading this word we want to be a disciple to work on stimulating social design.

By creating sustainable spaces like interiors, appartments, houses, buildings, based on the principals of social design our aim is to create a meeting between the potential users and the great experience moving in a social designed space. We like to inspire people with well designed spots and inspire them to tell the story everywehere and to integrate this way of living in there own environment.


We choose our properties very carefully. They need to accomodate our clients on a ambitious level creating the best sustainable and flourising environment. We design the whole project within our own buro. From scratch we think about every detail. The position of the sun, the energy, the buildingmaterials, the colors, the furniture, the fabrics. Every single item gets our full attention.

We design our own home colection produced socially in developing countries and we work locally with social workingplaces . The collection exists of products that comfort your stay as they are made from the purest materials and madeby handcrafters. We use eco, fair and recylced products made by people with the hart on the right spot in the SOSial Spaces.


To inspire you we offer social design products from famous and upcomming desigeners. We aim to involve local designers and products to join our concept. If there is a way to create reciprocity with people around us we are the first to initiate this. There for its possible you find a piece of Piet Hein Eek beside a briljant design from a local hero. And every item is for sale

We design SOSial Spaces consisting of holiday spaces, private rentals, creating homes for Xpad ’s and offering bussiness spaces. All our properties are realized on beautifull locations in unique buildings. The location should be meaningfull and inspire you. The spaces are developed and designed based on social desing aiming to make a better world and to provide you with the most pure, stylish and honest environment.


The buildings we work on should embrace the users as we think the space you move around interacts with your behavior. Its the people that counts and the spaces are there to comfort them. By developing buildings that are sustainable, social, stylish, comfortable and great designed we want to prove you can move in your habitait doing something good. Doing good for yourself, the world and other people.