To create a world developing in a positiv way we need tot think in solutions that creates upgrading. We are living in period where technical solutions and the awareness of operating in another directions are flourishing. Social design is an important ingredient in that proces. Every design initiatif with the approach to create upgrading is part of the social design movement. Its about products and strategies that helps people to have a better life.

Just now when we know more about the world in all his details thanks to the technical possibilities the awareness is growing that its ower responsibility to work on the problems faced in our world. Thats including a broad range of items varying from hunger, war, refugees, unfair production, climate changes, geopolitical issues to responsible leadership.

SOSial Spaces is a designburo aiming to integrate the technical possibilities to create better living here and there. Why operating just to earn your money if so much challlenging developmente are there. For us thats pretty old-fashioned. Its so cool to improve your effort to a much higer level and create beside financiela result also social and ecological results.

Every step we take is driven by the goal to create upgrading in one-way or the other. Its in our genes and in our sole. That’s why we keep thinking and sourcing for the best solution concerning every detail in our business. We saw peopel dying on the street, and we noticed the happyness from the family when a new order for fair prices from Holland was placed. Its both sides and bu operating fair according the rules from social design your able to move upwards tot hat positiv route. That inspires and energyses us every day, every minute!