Watching earth from the universe triggers us realizing it’s a strange world we looking at. So many people living in poorness and also so many people are rich. That’s why we started to do fair trade production. We want to do something with this amazing subject.


That’s why all the products we design for our own collection are based on the fair trade principals. We believe that fair trade is the way to a healthy growth for everybody.


We travelled a lot to learn about fair trade. We saw people dying in the street in a city like Delhi. We noticed poor people struggle every day to survive. Life is not easy on the other side of the world and we really feel the urge to do something about that.

That’s why we started to do business with small-scale companies in developing countries because that’s the best way to create upgrading in the communities and villages in Asia, Africa and South America.


Offering the people there the possibility to use their skills making products we buy creates upgrading for them. We develop the products in partnership with them. They know the way in their country and they know what the technical possibilities are. In this way we optimize their capabilities based on sharing our knowledge about the western standards.


It fills us with satisfaction to receive a container with products made by them and knowing that’s why they earned enough money to keep alive in a proper way.