The Blok at the Island

Amsterdam Centre | Bickerseiland | The Blok at the Island


The Space


At the Bickerseiland we designed a spacy loft in a modern building from architect Paul de Ley. With a 5 meter high ceiling and an entresol you feel the artistic spirit the neighbourhood is known for.

The old wooden floor and the concrete walls creates a robust space where working and living is all about creating. The space is filled with modern solistic objects. The windows reach the ceiling with the famous light from the north. In the separate kitchen you find recyclable rvs cupboards and the basic kitchen ingredients.

There is also a bathroom with a real natural stone floor that fits perfect in the setting. You are able to relax in the traditional bath of take a quick shower.

Here you are able to combine work with living if you want. All the amenities are available.

The location


Amsterdam has many islands connected to each other with bridges. The Bickerseiland is one of those islands created in the beginning of the 17th century together with 2 other islands in the hart of the city. Here they build the ships needed for all the overseas journeys.

The islands are pretty silent spots in the middle of the buzzing city. They call it the Amsterdam archipel. They have more the feeling of a village surrounded by water with narrow streets and many warehouses. A lot of artists and creative people live here. It’s a popular location to make movies.

Around the corner you find the best shopping street from Amsterdam the Haarlemmerdstraat and the Haarlemmerdijk. Here a melting pot of all kind of specialist stores, concept stores, authentic stores, restaurants and bars invites many people to enjoy the street. Behind this street the canals are stretching out with the green lush trees. You find also the famous Jordaan with all his bars, restaurants and small-scale stores in this area.


The Central Station is nearby and also the centre with the dam square is on walking distance.