Research learned us that living in a natural environment makes people happy! We also learned that altruism makes you happy. Both ingredients are to be found in the interiors designed by SOSial Spaces. So we dare to conclude that moving around in one of our Spaces creates a happy feeling.


We use natural and fair products in our interiors because we believe this is the way every interior should be. Natural paints, honest wood, eco products and sustainbale technics are our daily practise. They need to be scaled up to a higher level to achieve a bigger impact. Therefor the public attitude needs a transition to get that done.


Because the products are made to create reciprocity the maker and the user experience the welfare of using a product that creates upgrading for everybody. In that way a more fair world is achieved. This reciprocitive way of working is part of our filosophy.

The interiors we design are bohemian, pure and timeless. We think fashion is unfashionable as the meaning of whats in or out is changing. Everybody creates his own style by selecting the pieces you love. This eclectic way of thinking support a more beautifull world as fashion and trends are less important. Beautie is in the human being itself and everybody is free to etalate his individual style.


We work with our own cool designed collection which is fair produced. Handcrafters all over the world producing pure products from honest materials. We also cooperate with local social working places.


Next to that you will find social design from famous Dutch designers.

Our interiorprojects can be found in magzines like Vogue, Elle and many more. Famous people, designers and football players enjoyed our projects. We work with the best materials to create stylish, personal and wealthy interiors.

Our SOSial Spaces consits of holiday spaces, x-pad spaces, private spaces, buziness spaces, and fotoshoot locations. Your wish is our comment. Its up to you if you want to have a space for one night, one month, one year or for the rest of your live. And either you want to have a stylish eco home property or a fancy sustainable bussiness unit.

You will be enlighted to move around in an area that is designed to comfort you with the most beautifull materials and objects.