From our early years we are fascinated by buildings and the character and intrinsic worth in it. Every building has the possibility to be meaningful. We think its the meaning you give to a building that’s makes it worth full. We think also the windmills for wind energy are worth full. We only need to give hem the meaning they deserve. We love abandoned buildings and places. It’s a challenge to give them a new role.


Research find out people want to live in a natural and human surrounding. We design buildings framed by that. A building should embrace the user. It’s the people that moving around in the building should be leading by developing it.

We studied the way our environment is shaped and the wishes of the user. Too much buildings and areas are planned and build without listening to the people that have to live there. The user should be the starting point. For us that’s the goal with our projects.


That’s why we design and develop SOSial Spaces. Those spaces are designed aiming creating sustainable, comfortable stylish spaces for the users. The materials and products used are eco, fair, sustainable and pure. We believe making a better world is creating a sustainable space for as much people as possible. Here and there.


Our SOSial Spaces consist of holiday spaces, x-pad spaces, private spaces, business spaces, and photo-shoot locations.


By creating a fair and natural habitat we play our part inspiring other people to follow.